Value Nature as a living being;
say ‘YES’ to Rights of Nature


Today, Nature is treated as property under current law. Nature has no standing and therefore, cannot be represented in a court of law. However, Nature is a living being, in all its forms, with the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles and therefore, we must stop considering Nature as property – a resource to be consumed.

We are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interconnected systems. It is clearly evident to the scientific community and citizens worldwide that all forms of exploitation and contamination have lead to great destruction and abuse of Mother Earth.

On this basis, our call is also to the United Nations to consider our petition to adopt a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

At the Earth Summit, Rio+20, held in 2012, we delivered 116,758 signatures from 113 nations, plus signatures of leaders from 189 organizations representing 644,042 people, to the United Nations Secretary-General Bank Ki-moon.

We are continuing to collect signatures and will keep presenting them to the United Nations at key occasions.

Please sign our petition. Thank you!

1,000,000 SIGNATURES

Authors: campaign and the Global Alliance for Rights of Nature
Target: World leaders: Presidents and Prime Ministers of ALL Nations, UN General Assembly


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